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Monday, January 24, 2005
Eighty Billion Dollars
It has been said that President Bush might seek about $80 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would raise the amount of money spent on Iraq up to $105 billion. The most ironic thing is, these expenses are for a war that the majority of the world did not approve. Frankly, Bush should pay for it (and I'm sure he could conjure up the cash) but until then, I have thought of a few ways to help America adjust with to this economic sink-hole called Iraq. For one, we could cut back on those tax-cuts which our president seems so keen on handing out. Even if they are nothing more than a move to boost his approval ratings, we would be able to save a couple million if not a billion bucks. Next up is the inaugural budget! Even though the inauguration has come and gone, it will be a few days before the bill comes. Fourty million dollars isn't much in comparison to the, what was it? EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS Bush wants for a war he started. There are probably a few more ways we can keep ourselves from plunging further into debt, but this is a start.

Sunday, January 23, 2005
Replacing FDR
Today in the New York Times, an article posed the question "Will America replace FDR?" By this, of course, they refer to Social Security, the Conservative New Deal and the New New Deal. America has known these things since the fifties and it may not be so easy to completely scrap this system. Recently, Senator Kennedy said, "We will not let any president turn the American dream into a nightmare for senior citizens and a bonanza for Wall Street."
Kennedy has a point. As much as people say that they oppose a big government, they have to remember who will be paying their Social Security checks when they retire.
Breaking News: Johnny Carson dead at 79

New Torture Allegations
Today, The Observer (UK) reported:

The army faces a fresh series of serious allegations of abuse against its forces in Iraq, The Observer has learnt. The Ministry of Defence confirmed last night that army prosecution lawyers have completed investigations into nine separate incidents involving British soldiers serving in Iraq and are now actively considering bringing charges on the back of their inquiries.

However, I must admit that at least the British are trying to handle this situation in a sensative manor. The Pentagon tried to ride it out, acting like it cared and slapping a ten year sentence on one underling.
And we wonder why we're not so popular over there.

From the Guardian

Saturday, January 22, 2005
Rocketing the Vote
It looks like "Election Day" in Iraq won't be peaceful. While it's unfortunate that blood will most likely be spilled, this election will probably be like ours. Rigged.
Read: Rocketing the Vote -BBC News

Off the Hook?
Since President Bush didn't mention Osama bin Laden on Thursday, I thought I might. Over three years after the day in which several thousand Americans lost their lives, the man who is responsible has eluded us. The same president who was in charge on September 11th has not captured him, instead, he decided to wage war on nation that had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks in 2001. Still, George W. Bush is being praised for his leadership in the war on terror, still he is being idolized as the man who will defeat the terrorists. All this, yet he has failed to catch the man who sparked this goose chase. Not only that, but he hasn't even said the man's name in who knows how many days! Does this mean bin Laden is off the hook or is it just impossible for Dubya to say his name? Well allow me to do the impossible. Osama bin Laden. There! That's not so hard. Then again I only typed it, but Dubya is at an advantage. After all, he has the strongest military in the world so that he can not only say it but go and capture him as well.

Bush Trying to Cut Medicaid Benefits
AP: President Bush is readying a new budget that would carve savings from Medicaid and other benefit programs, congressional aides and lobbyists say, but it is unclear if he will be able to push the plan through the Republican-run Congress.

This came after the Bush Administration unveiled a new motto, "screw the poor".

Friday, January 21, 2005
Iran Blogger on Bush's Speech
Everybody and their dog has an analysis of Dubya's speech yesterday in which he promised to end world tyranny. But I found that Hossein Derakshan, an Iranian puts it best:

As an Iranian, I have to say, who doesn't like peace and freedom? But what Bush has brought to Iraq is not - and will probably never be for a long time - freedom and peace. So were I sure by invading Iran, innocent civilian wouldn't get killed by American "smart bombs", public facilities wouldn't be looted, and women and children wouldn't be raped or kidnapped, and overall the country would be in a better shape than it is today, I'd probably support an invasion or the sudden regime change.

But the truth is war won't bring peace and all the things Bush says about expanding the freedom in the world through soldiers are nothing but neo-cons' wild dreams.

Bush in Trouble with the Bigots
A few days ago, it was suggested that George Bush would not back a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Now the bigots who funded his campaign are fuming over the fact that Dubya may not be the biggest gay-hater on Earth. This is the perfect image of the Republican party, hate or get out!
Thursday, January 20, 2005
What is this, Iran?
The protests where amazing! The outpour of support was great and it got a little bit more media attention than I thought it would. However, I think the Park Service in D.C. was a little stingy in dealing out space for anti-Bush groups to converge. Plus the security was absolute bull-shit. No sticks to put your signs on, but don't hold them to high! No bottles or cans, nothing! Come on! How can a bottle of water bring down our nation? Sure, some things might get thrown at the limo but be realistic. I would fear actual terrorists with bombs rather than some guys with cardboard tubing to prop up their signs. What is this, Iran?
Hey Bush, we know you! Your father was a killer too!

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